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Suporte Operacional

Strategic vision to identify and evaluate the global market of fishery. Professional qualification to realize international operations with safety and efficiency. This is the combination that makes Sirius an important ally to raise the import capacity of your company, presenting market opportunities that provide large competitive advantage to your company in front of competitors.

In the market since 2004, Sirius starts its activities with fish exports. Observing the continuous demand for imported fish in Brazil, expanded its field, focusing in commercial representation of exporters in the exterior with interest in the Brazilian market.

Today, Sirius operates in the international market with both imports and exports of fish, realizing direct commercial connections or acting as agents on the process of buying and selling. In its client portfolio, there are the largest companies in the segment of imports and industrialization of fish of Brazil.

Between Sirius’ commercial partners are exporters from Latin America, such as Peru,
Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica e Panama, Morocco, China, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and others.

Sirius counts on professionals graduated on Foreign Business with MBA in business management, always aware to the market tendencies and factors that influence negotiations. With full knowledge of English and Spanish, they keep contacts and partnerships with traders on the five continents, expanding their global searching.

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